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Reading: Double Weave: Perpetrator Images in Conversation


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Double Weave: Perpetrator Images in Conversation


Wulan Dirgantoro

The University of Melbourne, AU
About Wulan
Wulan Dirgantoro is a Mckenzie Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Culture and Communication, the University of Melbourne, Australia.
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The paper discusses an artwork by Patriot Mukmin (b. 1987) from Indonesia in conversation with a poster photo of an exhibition by visual artists Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger. Both images use perpetrator photographs to demystify their original function, whether as documentation, propaganda, or procedural images. The paper examines how the reappearance of perpetrator images from the 1965–66 anti-communist mass killings demand more in-depth scrutiny, particularly in a society where the culture of impunity is still strong, and perpetrator images continue to dominate the public sphere.
How to Cite: Dirgantoro, W., 2019. Double Weave: Perpetrator Images in Conversation. Journal of Perpetrator Research, 2(2), pp.43–48. DOI:
Published on 20 Sep 2019.


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