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Reading: The Snake: Trump's White Genocide Parable


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The Snake: Trump's White Genocide Parable


Alexander Hinton

Rutgers University, US
About Alexander
Alexander Hinton is Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, Director of the Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights, and UNESCO Chair in Genocide Prevention at Rutgers University.
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From start to finish, Donald Trump’s campaign speeches featured a xenophobic parable, "The Snake." The message of "The Snake" is clear: it is a story warning of the dangers of immigration, the threat of white genocide, and the need for a hypermasculine response. Trump use of such language also demonstrated how readily a wide range of such groups could be mobilized around a white nationalist message that emphasized such white genocide fears and deep state conspiracy.
How to Cite: Hinton, A., 2021. The Snake: Trump's White Genocide Parable. Journal of Perpetrator Research, 4(1). DOI:
Published on 19 Dec 2021.


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